Are you a home buyer Tomball? Help us to help you

Remember these words first, if you are planning to move to Tomball, buying a house there may be very much different. Because there will be a huge move from outside as the grand parkway is coming through and estimated to be completed in this 2015. So a home buyer Tomball will face a contest to get the house he/she wants with reasonable price.

There is another valid and strong reason for the contest, the freat schooling facility in Tomball, many families are moving here. So, do you need a trustworthy hand? Then contact We Buy Texas. This is a Texas based home buying ans reselling company that operates with reputation in Tomball.

No evil or fraud business in Tomball

We Buy Texas generally and always use the TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) standard 1-4 Family Residential Resale Contract (Form 20-11). It will be used all over Texas to deal with our valuable clients like you. It is the same format that most of the Texas Realtors use for the real estate transactions. So you will clearly understand that there was no monkey business here in Texas.  You can check the following link to understand better about TREC.

You are new, know each thing clearly

It’s important to confirm that you are not with the frauds. Before starting the deal with clients, they will clarify everything about the company. Question may arise in your mind that if they are middle men, broker or realtors; answer is that they deal with many other agents and brokers to keep goodwill between the seller and buyer. Thus they save people from fraud agents.

Your safeguard with them

Your property is absolutely safe while you are a   home buyer Tomball  . They close all properties at a major, nationwide recognized and reputable Title Insurance Company for the protection of yours and ours.  If needed they can also send a title company representative if you can’t get to the closing due to either medical or legal reasons or both. Besides, all closings will be dealt at the title companies’ offices.

Recents business of We Buy Texas

Last year we the company did some good and allurable transactions for all the home buyer Tomball. Several properties have been obtained from The Westbourne subdivision. Charterwood and Memorial Chase both also yielded properties.  Besides those areas, We Buy Texa ares is targeting Colony Creek, Tallowood, Canyon Lakes, downtown Tomball, Lakewood Forester, and other major areas which are around the HP/Compaq Campus. 

Do you need legal clearance?

The house you are buying from its owner may be secretely burdened with mortgage or debts, so why take a risk when there is We Buy Texas beside every home buyer Tomball? The company buys home with clarifications and verified legal statements and proofs.